When was the "Scope" in the action of firearms triggered?

I found this action in the template action of “Ekho”, but I don’t understand what it does.

I’m having a hard time understanding your question.

  • Are you asking what scopes/scoping has to do with the Bolt action? If so – the bolt on bolt-action firearms cannot be cycled when you are aiming down sights.

  • Does your question have to do with something in the Ekho.dat file, such as the line Sight 1383? If so – the “Sight” property is what determines the default sight attachment on the firearm. In this case, ID 1383 corresponds to the Ekho Iron Sights item.

  • Or, are you asking about something in Unity? If so – Firearms have a Scope animation, which is played when firing a single shot while scoped.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, could you try rephrasing it?

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I’m talking about number three. Thank you for your response.

I tried it, right-click to enter aiming mode, and the “scope” action was not triggered after shooting. Exit aim and perform the “hammer” action.
Or did I get it wrong?

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