When will the UII beta access be expanded?

Sorry if i might seem a little annoying, and i know, this question is asked frequently but i didn’t see any concrete answers to the question.Will the play-time requirements be reduced to ~1000 hours by the end of the year?


I think this graph tells it all. :slight_smile:

I have heard that the play time requirement may be reduced to 1000 hours by the end of the year, though. Not sure how true it is, so please correct me if i’m wrong. No way to tell, honestly.


Ah,yes,I do love myself some good old graphs.

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Blessed graph


you have to sacrifice a loved one to obtain such great power


when will people stop begging for UII access

At the moment there are still things to work on before a lowered hour requirement is necessary. He still aims to have it lowered before the end of the year.


Never (10char)

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When they get Unturned 2 access.
I don’t understand why y’all on this forum get so salty when people ask about Unturned II access or release date…

Because having the same question asked by people who think they’re entitled for access simply because they have barely over 500 hours or the Gold upgrade every week gets repetitive after a couple of months.

As for the release date, originally it was quoted as Q1’19 but since Nelson didn’t like the direction he re-did everything and delayed the game by almost a year so far. Considering the lack of real updates it’ll probably get pushed back again. Let the man breathe and take his time. It’ll launch when it launches.


I think its easier to get U II access by becoming a regular on the forum rather than waiting for the end of the year

You know the title asks if the beta will get expanded

but the question itself asks if the requirement will be lowered

whats the correlation between an expansion and the playtime requirement hell i don’t know

The dependent variable goes on the y-axis and the independent variable goes on the x-axis.

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I think nowadays it is no longer possible to get access by being regular.

He is asking, not begging.

It’s inevitable, people invest time and money in a game so now they’re asking questions
Why can’t you people just calm down? I’ve seen some really patronizing posts because someone was asking questions, maybe make/link a F.A.Q?

January the 13th 2020

500 hours is far from enough. People with such a low amount of hours in the game don’t even deserve to know of UII’s development.

1000 hours is far from enough. People with such a low amount of hours in the game don’t even deserve to know of UII’s development.


I feel personally attacked

Not really. 1000 is good enough and no, I don’t have only 1000 hours.