Where are the FBX files in ExampleAssets.unitypackage?

Had an idea for a skin for a long while. Found some free time and decided to dabble in skin-making. After watching multiple different guides of varying recency and installing all the necessary software… I am even more confused than I was before.

I managed to get to the Extras/Sources/ExampleAssets and put them into Unity. I have Unity 2021.3.29.f1 installed as it seems to be the one the game is running on in case it matters. In guides I watched people using FBX converters to convert the models they got out of Unity so they can open them in Blender or elsewhere… but I can’t do that, because instead of a .fbx file I get .prefab file extension. I have no clue what to do with that and nothing I have seems to know what to do with it either. Please, help.

fbx file in another folder:
My project\Assets\Game\Sources


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