Where are the other samples / alternative mixes of John Fleming 00's Tears from Heaven? AKA, the other versions of the Unturned theme

Title. I remember way back when I first found out the name of the Unturned theme song. When I looked it up, there was a website where you could purchase one of his versions of the song for commercial use. There was like 8 different versions, a few were plain awful, but others were interesting. I cant find a similar website with paid commercial licenses and the alternative versions anymore.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about???


also here is this until I get my answer


unanswered. very sad.

It might be these mixes: https://www.audionetwork.com/track/searchkeyword?keyword=Emerging%20Paradise


yeah booooy

I see why I didn’t find them, they are named differently here, not sure why but thanks!

I figure if anybody would remember, it’d be you. ‘w’


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