Where do you learn to make Games or Scripts?

I’ve always wanted to learn programming languages to make scripts or tools that i could use on computers, or maybe even a full on game, and also hearing about people learning the stuff at a young age makes it seem like its not impossibly hard to do.
Anyways, if any of you have advice to where i could learn that kind of stuff or where you learned it it would be helpful, cause i feel as dumb as a rock.

Also the specific targets would be Lua, Unity, C++, Unreal, and possibly even Roblox but that would be a very temporary target due to it being aids to make money on or have a stable functioning game.

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This is a place where you can find some tutorials for gta iv and v modding from JulioNIB:

This is a book I have to learn C++:

And here is a video explaining C++ for beginners:

But C++ is a pretty hard language in the beginning so I recommend not trying to make some big projects but start with something very small so you can learn from it.

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Have you learned C++ with it?

Yes, I’m also trying to learn coding/C++ and I also made some very small scripts for myself for gta v and iv.

How hard would you say it is to learn?

I think it’s quite hard but the longer you do it the easier it will be.

I don’t really do it much but I think it’s a bit strange that there aren’t really much tutorials for C++ modding/game making.

I wish schools gave more opportunity for this kind of stuff…

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Hey what about unity or roblox?

Have you ever tried them

or unreal

I tried making some scripts for gta v and iv but I didn’t try unity, roblox or unreal.

Well my goal is to make a game, but generally learning the languages would be nice.
If i made a game i’m thinking a realistic feel like, not graphics wise but realistic logic, like lets say you farm crops, it would show the actual nutrients the crop would need to grow faster/properly etc.

I recommend starting with creating some scripts for existing c++ games or writing a simple program in code blocks or something similar.

It sounds a bit dumb but if i could ask a Gamedev or Experienced Modder about where to go that’d be nice, but they’re not the easiest to really talk to.

Ask Nelson. c:

Molt knows a good deal, do you think he would know?

You can try.

Is there a way to dm somebody on the forums?
Actually i can probably wait for people to respond.
I might try the guide but C++ was not really my main target, are programming languages similar?

You dm someone on his/her profile.

I don’t really know but C# is similar to C++

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Would it be fine if i dmed you to test it?

Yes considering you basically turned this in a conversation between only the two of you.

Well, you gotta learn somehow