'Where do you work out? At the library.': Physical and Mental increases

Within Gyms and Libraries, two special intractable will be found. A rack of weights and a shelf of books. Interacting with either will grant you a minor buff to a random skill that relates to that activity.

Working out could grant you additional strength in the form of increased cardiovascular endurance or speed, or allow you to hit with greater force, or take less damage from heights and melee attacks, maybe even jumping higher and using less stamina to do so.

Reading would grant you additional intelligence relating to medical items and terminology, botany and gardening, or mechanical and electrical know-how.

Both of these would be on a long cooldown to prevent rapid grinding, would take a small amount of time to do in a short animation, to prevent the activity and immediately running away afterwords and to make it more risky to do so, and there’s only a slight chance it’d buff a skill, or a guaranteed chance but a really minor buff (Maybe a skill point or do-activity-to-increase-skill reduction of a few points off in a ‘discount’ or after the next three activities you do for a skill it’s a guaranteed increase)

Upsides: It could drastically reduce time spent grinding out certain skills, May make the player slightly overpowered if really good luck is involved.

Downsides: Highly risky, chance it may not even help out after performing the activity. May make other players slightly overpowered if really good luck is involved.


Since skills in 4.0 are most likely going to be a bit more context based, what if reading or working out gave a temporary passive boost to skill gaining? For example, reading a certain book would give a 50% bonus experience rate for the practiced skill?

There’s no need for gym imo, if you considered the fact that everyday survival requires alot of stamina. Noone wants to waste it.

Now the books, I think books for a specific skill (medical, mechanic, cooking, ETC) could be found as an item. You wasted about 90-120 seconds on it and maybe “level up” on that skill. (Or make it 50/50 or 25/75, making it less OP)

Or maybe make it cost 25-50% less to upgrade. Idk.

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And that’s why the Stalker never skipped out on leg day ever again.

we need a lämp for doing excersice

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