Where is my Offbrand Hoodie?

i’ve been waiting for like 8 months but i still do not have the beautiful shiny neon hooded garment.

please nelson give me hoodie or I will be very dissapointed. my grandma will be even more dissappointed.

thank you

  • stuttgart_flugart

please sir

how else will i survive the harsh winters with only my bare chest?

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Benson does not send his regards, in fact, he specifically said “I will hunt you down if one more word leaves your damned mouth”.

Don’t shoot the messenger.


benson bexton is actually the ghost of nelsons brother who died and is now haunting the game of unturned free to play

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C’mon Benson, send us an airdrop crate with a few hoodies :anomaly7:


Please Nelson I am on my knees begging for an off-brand hoodie!

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We should get a beggars hoodie

yeah, a torn version of the offbrand hoodie

its true, he said that, i was there.


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