Wheres 2.0 Beret?

So? Unturned 1.0 users got a beret (2 actually) so where is 2.0 users beret? 2.0 was what built Unturned really


@xdlewisdx wait what ?
They got TWO ?
Why is that ?

They got a Golden one and a Crimson one. Not sure if they needed to do something extra for the Golden

The crimson one I know of, but the golden one is new to me.
Its not like that should concern me, since I joined not too long ago.

Crimson is given to everyone that played since 1.0, gold is given to premium members at the time, similar to what we now call gold upgrade

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They got both berets and didnt have to do anything special for either, just play in 1.0

Not every Unturned 1.0 player got the two berets. I’ve seen an inventory with only the Crimson Beret. Probably using the extra invite code for a friend.

I don’t think we need a beret for everything, although it would be nice. I think there would still be problems with changing to the 2.0 version in the betas tab though. Eg. a random user who just got the game tries 2.0 and gets the beret when he shouldent have.

The Crimson/gold beret is technically the 2.0 beret, the 2.0 version existed before steam release.

There wouldn’t be any problems with that because when adding a beret Nelson checks when the user got the game. them going back in time doesn’t change the date they played the game

It would have been nice to get one, to be truthful I was expecting one, but to bad.

The gold is if they had “gold” (the DLC) back then. crimson is for simply having it.

I played in 1.0, but I didn’t buy gold so I didn’t get the early access code to get in before July 8th, so I didn’t get any beret. Crimson was for playing before July 8th on steam and gold was for owning gold in 1.0 and redeeming the code on steam.

Same sad story like Oyamat. :frowning:

Meh I’ll live with it Yarrrr, you better be the only one having it, in fact you almost are like a meme when somebody talks about the berets hahaha. The only difference with llomantis is that I did have the premium/Gold account for 1.0 but not Steam at the time.

Ps: We should have some Unturned emotes here, like zombies heads and berets :turned: