Which site will you use more?

  • Steam Discussions
  • r/Unturned
  • SDG Forums
  • Something else I forgot to list here

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unturned google+ page

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The forums here, obviously.
Because Nelson almost replies to everything! :smiley:

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I would use both SDG and steam. Just picked steam cause I don’t think anyone here likes it there. :sweat_smile:

I will forever be the Steam forum guy you see everwhere

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I actually just realized that I messed up the poll and you can do more than one choice but whatever I guess it works lol

SDG forums, since steam is brazilian country and I’m banned from the reddit.

From most used to the least used: SDG forum, unturned sub reddit, shitty steam discussions.

I’m not really active on any of them, but I’ll still lurk here and on the reddit.

Vive la Modject Discord

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what do you mean with steam being an brazilian country pond?

It’s a general term for the dregs of the steam community. It’s just that brazilians are a common sterotype so I used that.

i see, thanks for the info

All da sites.

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Its reaver!1!1!! woo!

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don’t forget about wiki and g+ and discord

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Both Steam and SDG, never really be active on Reddit. Hopefully this forum will stay clean.

(I also really like the interface of this one !)

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Steam because of the better interface (such as replies showing which comment you were replying to) and the more mature community

more mature community


Didn’t realise you could quote like that, maybe if it this gets more popular I’ll use both.

Steam Discussions