Which theme do you use and why?

I use Nyx, I prefer it over dark because the color scheme appeals to me, switching back to dark makes it look weird

this is what it looks like

Edit: trying out Material design, kinda like original dark but it’s still very appealing, might contemplate which one I want to use


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Material Design

Material Design is what I’ve been using recently, but most of the time I just use dark.
If table of contents worked on Vincent I would 100% be using that

Nyx aswell, like the fact of most stuff being black/dark gray.

`white because i cant see the screen so i need to burn my eyes.

material design, because it’s epicly epic

Nyx users unite, I just like dark themes and this uses a great palette.

lol imagine using material design

I’ve always used Dark so it seems off if I switch to a different theme. If I had to switch I’d likely use Nyx but I don’t like the background color it has.

I use all of them, for reasons you could imagine. :angel:

I tend to use Dark the most. Sometimes I’ll use a different one for a bit.

Ay, this is an issue with Vincent having been a full theme replacement. Now that SDG is using its own copy of Vincent, it might be worth looking into getting ToC to work with Vincent, or “dumbing down” Vincent to work with ToC.

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I use Vincent cause the posts are actually centered on the screen and the background is easy on the eyes and feels a lot calmer than other themes.

imagine using white

this post was made by nyx gang

I use Nyx, and I don’t really know why.
I think I found the name different and so I liked it.

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