Which Unturned Version Is better?

Unturned 1.x
Unturned 2.x
Unturned 3.x Or…
Unturned 4.x ?

I’m Pretty Sure Most of you Are Going to choose 4.x Or 3.x.

It all comes down to personal preference really
Those seeking PvP will most likely choose 3.x, those who wanted a hardcore survival from the start will probably choose 4.x (me included) despite not playing it yet. But I would say that 2.x was the version I played first and it was the best game ever back then. The fact that I needed to learn the recipes gave me that extra attraction towards the game allowing me to mess around with the items and see what I can craft. Plus, it’s much harder than 3.x that’s for sure

Here’s what I expect.

Deadzone/1.0: Nostalgic veterans
2.0: Nostalgic veterans and those who liked unforgiving gameplay/hard zombies
3.0: PvP fanatics, modders, and RPers
4.0: Survivalists, hardcore enthusiasts, and modders, as well as a mix of the people from 2.0 and 3.0

I personally am looking forward to 4.0, but my favorite time in Unturned so far is split between OPERATIONMAPLELEAF days and the Russia update. Still, 4.0 > 3.0 imo


So I guess Im a Nostalgic veteran. My name is Bill now. I shoot zombies and wear a beret.

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Hard to choose 4 when it’s not released yet. So I’mma just say 3, 'cuz even its lackluster depth in features still surpasses Classic when just comparing the number game mechanics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Y’all forget that Deadzone 2 is the best version

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1.0(10 characters)

Unturned 2.x.
First version I played, and it was more focused on survival rather than a PvP fest like 3.x, but I am very enthusiastic about 4.x since Nelson said he’s going to be focusing more on that :slight_smile:

Early 3.0 was the beast.

I also agree with this, I think very early 3.0 was the best. Operation maple leaf days

1.0 (before vehicles were rip), 3.0 Early, and 4.0 (If it lives up to my expectations of a very hard, realistic [as a blocky game gets] survival based game.