Who are the tallest/smallest forum users?


Hello fellow Unturned community members ! Just wanted to know who are the tallest and smallest members among us, are you either elves or hobbits ?

Just put your height here (the system doesn’t really matter, either cm or ft)


Nelson make specific characters based on our IRL height please, I really want to see people driving with booster seats!

1m92 / ~ 6’3


oh woah you are one big person


I’m 5 feet 8 inches.


I am a thinnn boy. I am a gangly :ghost: of a 5’7 person.


Mom said never put any of your personal information online. /s

6'4 on a good day.

Crippled on most days.

but to clarify so people don’t have to ask, not severely crippled-crippled just back problems, no biggie


I am 6’1 lol



im 5’10" and a lanky lad


1 cm (10 char limit)


Im around 71-72 inches (give or take)

Unless im being an idiot rn and overthinking my height, but Im pretty sure thats correct.


5 foot 10 inches


1.94m and 10 characters


5’ 9 boyo.
I’m weighed down by my sins.


I’m gonna cut you down to size


lol youre spine have rot


interesting post… sadly I haven’t checked in forever lmao

I just know I tower over others :grin:


6’1 but im one skinny redhead


5 feet 9.7 inches aka 177 cm


Ok next we need to make a thread about weight

I nominate @iDrmzIt


i am 1.95 meters tall