Who likes what they see here (On trello)?

certain types of deaths create zombies of the player which you have to hunt down to retrieve your loot or potentially play as the zombie of yourself after you die

I really like the look of this… Could you just think…

Of the possabilities?

Wait… We can suggest what death causes what kind of zombies…

Lets think…

Crawlers… Death by falling! Maybe being hit by a hulk with a rock? Prehaps just death from crawler bites too…

Normal: just standard zombie hugs…

Flamer: Burn to death, or killed by burner splash damage.

Spitter: Die from infection.

Invisable/flanker: Killed by flankers possably, die while trying to be stealthy (crouch)

Sprinter: Death by bleeding maybe? Or mauled while haveing no sprint left…

Hulks? let not have that possable since that could be vary overpowerd. Or at least in gerneral survival.

Whats you’r ideas?

I feel like personally the “play as a zombie” should be reserved for an extra gamemode (probably like the idea on Nelson’s trello), simply because it can be annoying to people who don’t exactly wish to play as a zombie. The “zombie version of your corpse” idea is good for general survival, I think.


it would be cool if it works similarly to in H1Z1 where your corpse would reanimate after a certain amount of time, then you would have to look for a zombie with your gear or cosmetics (people could also kill your zombie self and steal your loot!)

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I re-read through the post and found it kinda funny to imagine that during a raid you could sit on a campfire and then just zerg rush the enemy as burner zombies. :)))

Chug chemicals and then just zerg rush with acid spit. :))))))

I’d keep it to a separate gamemode entirely. Player-controlled or not that seems a bit overkill, or just disastrous in some circumstances. Of course, the prerequisites for it could just be made more specific and the extra ideas could be left out entirely, but eh.

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