Who misses 2.0 or 3.0 is better

  • Does everyone in the community misses 2.0
  • Or 3.0 is better

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You can still play either.

I miss Unturned 5


Same, but you can’t beat unturned 6’s life like graphics .


The grammar on this is abysmal and it’s uncategorized.

11/10 I don’t even know what this post is

We need to get like 5-10 people to play 2.0, but nobody replys on the unofficial SDG steam group, sooo…


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“you maxed out charisma” ahem… GURL WOD U LEIKE TYO PLEY UNTERNTED 2.o???
Random girl… OH MY GAWSH YES>>… even if your obviously a kid XDXDXD

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