Who wants to play with me unturned II?

its a little lonely in here


I dunno why this was flagged

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I want to but I can’t.

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Don’t have beta access?

Create the server and put the IP here so we play

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Yes I have access but I just can’t play now.

I have access to the Beta, but have been in Western Canada with only my cellular for the last two weeks. Some people got sick and now this little venture is coming to a close. I think I’ll be staying with somebody in the Eastern U.S. who has built a pretty beefy PC, so we might do some split-screen multiplayer.

Wait, is split-screen in?

It’s been in from pretty much the beginning, but the last time that I checked, both the keybindings that I set for player 1 and those I set for player 2 just moved the same character. Fingers crossed we get it working this time.

Whoa, how do i do it? I don’t see any menu options, do i just connect a controller?

It was something like that, but I won’t swear that I’m remembering it 100% correctly.

It’s a keybind. Should be down on the d-pad or \ on a keyboard.

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soon comrade soon…

For me, hitting enter enables splitscreen and I haven’t messed with keybinds at all. Haven’t tried using it with a controller yet to see if it works well though.

Doesn’t seem to work, either doesn’t work or controls P1 at all times. Oh well.

anyone still want to play? :frowning:

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Do you have a thing?

I’m down to play at the moment, @The_Amazing_fish (or anyone else) just tell me the ip address and I’ll join shortly.

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