Who will you vote for?

Benson Vs Sexton

  • Benson
  • Sexton

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Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm, Perhaps Sexton. Or even better, myself…

I personally think I’m going to have to side with Benson on this one, Mr. Sexton has a lot of good policies that would normally be good for maintaining the economy, however, we don’t have a good economy, we’ve been stuck in a recession since 2014, and I feel like we really need a candidate that’s going to try to push boundaries. Benson might not have the experience Nelson has, but his policies aren’t too far-fetched and might work if he gets the house and the senate on his side. While I respect Mr. Sexton greatly, I don’t think he’s fit to be president at the moment, perhaps it’s best he stays as a senator for now.

I’m in it for the berries


By the ways, is America still in a recession.

No, but economic growth may slow because of a COVID-19 pandemic @Panda3d. (This is not in the control of any particular president, no world leader can control a pandemic that originates in a foreign nation)


That’s also an interesting polocy Benson has going for him. His plan to legalize not only berries, but Heatstims and Chemicals in order to tax them could be an effective way of allowing for people to get a hold of these mostly harmless drugs legally, and safely, and while generating tax dollars at the same time.

That’s a weird name, why would a disease be named after 2019? It’s only 2016…


Sexton’s tax rates are just too high, how could I ever support him!

Clearly i would vote for Nelson since Bensons stuck in 2016

but then again, what does nelson advocate?


Bruh everyone who voted for Benson is gonna get banned from Unturned IIII

I’m the 5th vote

Sorry Benson supporters

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hol up

@SDGNelson what are your political beliefs

@TophatPesky , please no. This is a politics free forum.

@WARCORPtm yeah but if nelson is running i gotta know dude

The SexTON shall triumph over any opposition that can establish itself in this wonderful land of the SDG forums. He even pledged to build a shack for some enjoyable nighttime stories.

That’s because Benson has a time machine!

I mean, yeah, but 2019 just hasn’t happened yet.

Political factions bad. Benson and sexton are only separated and together by their beliefs

how do i become a canadate for the 2020 international unturned election?