Why are crafted mythicals only limited to skins rather than cosmetics?

I was looking back at the whole crafted mythical process and thought about how it would be cool it you could also craft a mythical cosmetic rather than just a weapon skin, you could have the pool of cosmetics be a range of really common stuff to more rare items from boxes. I can see where this might not be beneficial as you can already get mythical cosmetics from boxes but what about the cosmetics you can’t get from boxes or premium cosmetics? I think it would be cool to split the crafted mystical into two buttons, one to craft a weapon skin, and the other to craft a cosmetic, that way the player could choose and make it worth their while.

Let me know what you all think as I think this would be a great addition to the game.

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I’m assuming the logic was that outside of limited cases, cosmetics were never playtime drops like skins were. That’s only my best guess.

I would assume to make cosmetic mythicals rarer than weapon skin mythicals, and feel more valuable. That would make sense given those are all you all the time whereas weapon skins are, obviously, limited to when you have a certain weapon.


Fair but I like how when you craft mythical you can get premium skins with effects on them making them super rare, and I think that would be cool if you had the chance to get premium cosmetics with effects on them.

Agreed, especially since people can’t use mythical weapon skins on curated maps :skeptical_zombie_:

I can’t remember the exact reason given that mythic crafting was added nearly 5 years ago now (and before I officially started working with Nelson). But I believe the limited rollout was intentional, as this was a newer Steam feature at the time.

You’re correct that most cosmetics can already receive mythical effects though – there were a lot more weapon skins unable to receive mythics than cosmetics.

It would be cool though to be able to have a way to get mythical versions of the premium cosmetics, but idk how you would implement it.

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I would like to support craftable mythical cosmetics someday! Most likely it would happen as part of a rewrite to the 7 hardcoded clothing slots. Currently the extra properties needed for crafted mythics are only stored for skins but not clothing items.


Yeah I think that would be super cool, although if you do implement that you would also have to work on another way for people to get crafting materials which I think I talked about in an earlier post.

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I also hope to see that

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