Why are forum memes in such a stale state?

Seriously, at this point it’s devolved to “say something epic funny” or it’s just complete crap that relies on “lol so randem!!!” I’ve noticed that alot of the memes here nowadays are text based. Or chains. chains have gotten old.


Pretty much.

Not to point any fingers here but there are certain people who do it way more than others.


Well instead of complaining, why don’t you make some of your own?

Just curious, but am i one of these people? :thinking:

You’re just getting too old to understand the art of meming, you geezer.

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This post is in #memes, so by extension it can be seen as a meme.

IQ 9000 plays


But… I have. Shocker.

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I mean last time I checked the art of memeing wasn’t saying “lol make a chain xdDDDDD” it was making an image or macro with an actual comedic value that by extension wasn’t as lazy as I am

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Im sure people who start chain games are blatantly just comment farming.

Who you calling shitposter?


nicE necrO postiN

i see Eon in the comment, so congrats to announcing its been an eon

Dude, that’s not funny. Did you think doing that was funny? because it’s n o t


are s u r e?

it’s really not

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Guys lets before we go NECRO POSTIN