Why are the cars so slow?

When I try to drive a car in Unturned 2 the speedometer says its going around 64 but the car is moving very slowly. I’ve watched videos of people in Unturned 2 drive cars and they are going way faster then when I play. Any way to fix this?

Unturned 2 slow cars

Because you are playing at 10 fps

Lower your graphics and resolution


turn off slowmotion lol :smiley:

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As CrazyCat said, you’re playing at 10fps max.
Go as low as you can and that’s it. The car is not slow, the entire game is slow. The physics engine might behave weird, because you have exceptionally low FPS, as well.
You’re just playing on a really underpowered PC for this game. No fix for that, except getting a better PC.


Thanks! Now I can finally drive!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place.

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this is not a solution but, u could try to do
/slomo 1.5 or 2, so the game will be on speedcamera XD

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