Why did I lose my Regular status?

I was a regular the one day and the next day when I logged in,BAM,my regular badge and title is gone,did I do something wrong?:confused:

Dunno, have you posted anything in the past month?

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There are certain requirements to keep regular status, such as likes given/received and total posts made all within a 100 day period. Not fulfilling enough of the requirements will mean you could lose regular status. I could be wrong on this but from what Reaver has said before he resigned, that seems to be the system.


Well,I was inactive for about 2 weeks the last month due to being quite busy,so that might have been the cause.Anyway,the damage has been already done,how do I take back my badge now? (I’m even surprised at how Nelson gave me a key to the vechicle demo without me being a regular.) Also,there is just not much to talk about anymore,I’m surpised you guys still keep your badges.


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