Why do vehicles with Health_Min not set go into critical state?

Seriously, I downloaded some modded vehicle from workshop and set it to spawn naturally, and that vehicle happened to not have preset Health_Min in it’s file, so when ever it spawns (naturally), it will spawn in critical state and explode. (critical state meaning it has 0 health and need to be repaired or else it will explode) Please have something in place if vehicle doesn’t have set Health_Min so it defaults to something like 50% of health or 100%, or maybe 1hp from 0.

EDIT: forgot to mention that when spawned with commands, it will be 100% of health


That looks like a fun troll vehicle.Killing you at the spawn! damn normally I will need to get behind the wheel and crash before dying! 10/10 will recomend!

Does the vehicle explode? If so I’d believe that is vehicle health is set to zero, it counts it as not being set, and goes to a default health.

Yes it will explode, you didn’t need to explain something I already explained, that is the issue what its doing. It has no minimum health set so it will automatically go to zero instead of a number in between. That’s why I made it a suggestion in tags, because I would like to suggest to not be automatically assigned 0 after natural spawn rather it goes something other just so it doesn’t explode.

EDIT: I believe there is no such thing as default health in this regarded to vehicles as the game doesn’t have a set in between value nor is there anything in place to override if min and max health to naturally spawn isn’t assigned. (not talking about max health vehicle can have, that’s different)

I just misunderstood what you wrote.

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Creator of the mod probably forgot to add it in, go pm him and see if he knows

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