Why does table no. 957 sometimes show up as a question mark in the "Spawn Table" viewer?

Just a tad bit confused about what’s going on. Id 957 sometimes shows no assigned asset for items, vehicles or animals, yet it still has the “Dirtbike” table assigned to it. For example, in the Farm_Russia table, it has no assigned asset, while it has the correct assigned table in the “Farm” table.

On a sidenote, table no. 950 seems to lack any assigned asset. Found in the “Civilian” table for vehicles

I’m really not sure. Are these actually official spawn tables?

Between 727 and 1000, there are no IDs assigned.

I am talking about the spawn tables, not the actual item ID:s. It is true that there are no items with id 728-999, but there certainly are spawn tables within that range. The data is pulled straight from the in-game interface for spawn tables. Go look it up yourself. From the starting screen, go to “Workshop”(NOT Steam, but the in-game menu) and select spawn tables. Type 957 in the field, select “vehicles” and see for yourself.

Oh, I got confused about what you were saying.

That’s bizarre indeed.