Why does Unturned run REALLY slow 1 day later?

Soo, yesterday I installed Unturned. I always wanted to play a game where you have a lot of guns to play with. I played for 5 hours, really enjoying and stumbling into a friendly guy. Played like, for 4 hours in that lobby I had a really great time, but, after getting some good sleep and waking up, something felt, wrong about the game. IT WAS SO DANG CHOPPY! I activated FPS and looked at fps trough and i got like 9, 13 at most! No way it’s a wi-fi issue! I am talking to you using wifi and no problems! I cleaned as much as i can, to little benefit. 20fps. still choppy. You see, booting the game up it wasn’t choppy. I didn’t test it, but it was nowhere near 20fps choppy. More like 60. I cleaned cache, reduced resolution, got fps to show without Fraps, and i did my tests in Singleplayer. Some help, very needed. Thank you.

Oh, and, to add into the fire, my laptop a HP Pavilion I5 8300h 8gb ram Nvidia 1050ti 4gb is struggling not a i3 no gpu potato like you’re thinking.
I just now remembered the problem was much worse with my pc struggling to do stuff without any apps running eighter

Prolly your graphic settings

Just lower it down and it might run better

Since it seems like your specs are decent enough, I’d like to ask for screenshots of your graphical settings. Certain settings have a disproportionate impact on your performance, while others are negligible - I can help troubleshoot the most important settings that need to be turned down.

It’s also worth mentioning Unturned’s optimization isn’t that great compared to other games, despite what its low-poly artstyle might imply - I used to play Unturned on a complete potato and later on a 1050ti (getting a similar range of 15-25 FPS on the former), so I can definitely relate to performance concerns you might have.


Alright! Here are 3 images. I cropped them to make them easier to read.

And the 3rd one because new member limit.

Update: OP has specified installing a Windows OS update has resolved the issue.

Strange, looking from these I can see that many of the usual performance suspects, like scope quality and tree quality are all turned down to unproblematic levels.

I did notice you mentioned this earlier, though:

At this point I would be led to believe your PC is running something in the background that is diverting resources from Unturned. Taking a peek at Task Manager might yield a particular culprit (especially a certain application hogging your GPU/CPU/RAM to 100% usage), but other than that, it seems to be an issue not related to the game, especially since it was supposedly running just fine previously.

If you still can’t pinpoint the problem, you may want to check if your drivers and OS are up to date.

P.S: For testing purposes, I just now ran Unturned on a PC with a 1050ti and much higher settings, and ran Elver at 40-60 FPS.


I did update windows just after i noticed the severe lack of power. PC is running very smooth now, but i thank you for the tip and helping me! (at the date of posting this only the pc not the game ran faster.)


Why is Discord using 100mb of ram?

GreatHero i can’t thank you enough for helping me out! My Unturned runs 200 fps after i did some tweaks.

It’s running chromium embedded, ram usage is a common stereotype with electron and cep apps for a good reason.

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