Why don’t we have auto run?

Simple as the title, I want the feature which by double tapping forward, gives you a hands free sprint at your own risk. Allowing you to grab a drink or scroll inventory on the move.

I would be down for that, but you wouldn’t be able to sprint and use inventory, only walk and use inventory.

cool idea

wait when you mean scroll inventory you mean manage your inventory as your running right?

You can already set sprint to toggle and it’s much more convienient for what you described but can be little annoying for combat.


Honestly no, I don’t think the game needs that. Toggle sprint sure, autorun nah.
Push comes to shove just macro it.


I’ve never used auto run in a game before. There’s plenty of games with it but it just doesn’t seem that useful unless you get finger cramps or are doing something else. If you are busy with something else playing a game like UII at the same time probably wouldn’t be a good idea anyway.


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