Why don't I have unturned II

I have been told that you need 1500 hours to gain access to Unturned II but I still haven’t gotten it. Can someone explain?

i think it can take a while for the ticket to come through

i wouldnt know though i got UII access when it was handed out to forum regulars before it was given to the foolish commoners

How long do you think?

For context – how long ago did you meet the requirement / how long have you been waiting to receive the item needed to claim access?


Relaunch unturned or even reboot your pc

I have been waiting for about 3 hours

Idk then I had the same problem, buy after I played few more hours i’v finally received my ticket and collected my Unturned II acces.

just be aware that reaching the quota doesn’t necessarily mean you get it immediately. It may take a while for the ticket to be given out to you, which varies between person to person.


you know you have to wait for the ticket right

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