Why i cant see my complete stats?


so i was looking to see my user stats on this forum but they arent complete or detailed,theres no “post replied to”,“flagged posts”,“users who flagged”, and etcetera,so im asking where i can look my complete stats or why i cant see them.


Ah, so your setting up a hitlist on the people who’ve reported you, Huh?


no,so i can see my stats wtf?


idc the people that report me


Why else would you want to know exactly who flagged you then?

checkmate, flanti vaccerths


i was asking for the complete stats and the flagg one was an example,and because i want to compare my complete stats to molton list


So this is you, compared to me.

And this is me, compared to a couple others.

Yeah, I’d say you’re a bit off.


They’re not public.


It is likely because your trust level is currently at the first level (Basic user), which is below Member and Regular. Lower levels have more restrictions I believe.

As molt said, some things like user flags are mod-only features


umm im member…




yeah your comparing a guy with a few weeks from someone with more than a year


Hey, you wanted this comparison, no?


no,you dont know what list im talking about


You don’t have access to it, only staff members can check your stats.


Meh fair enough but why? I know that if you could you could see how many people flagged you


What for ?


So i can see my stats


Because it encourages gaming the system.


gaming the system? wut,i know you can make some stuff of it but what does that mean