Why is almond milk so terrible?

Whenever I drink almond milk I regret it immediately, but I can’t describe very well in words why it’s such a disgrace to dairy beverages. Can someone help me appreciate how awful almond milk is?


I neither like it.
It tastes like it isn’t supposed to be milk lol
maybe you should try rice milk c:

lmao just drink normal milk


If you regret drinking it then why are you doing it? Just drink milk :milk_glass:

he’s autistic

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This is why soymilk is better.

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I’d rather almond milk than that.

Or any fucking milk.

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depends, i make my own almond milk and it’s pretty good. the cheap shit you get from supermarkets tastes like water mixed with methylated spirits



this same statement can be applied to oatmeal raisin cookies

I would honestly rather drink soy milk than almond milk

how do you milk an almond


I wish I fucking knew

the almonds are soaked in water, and then blended up or finely pulverised, and then strained out. I make it myself :smile:

jesus christ why are we murdering such beautiful beasts???
I accuse Stuttgart of mass murdering simple almonds

If you dont eat things because of their taste, you are a brainlet, and there is zero hope for you.

Literally the only thing I consider when eating/purchasing food is caloric and nutritional value, for example, this morning, I woke up and took a cold shower, and then ate garlic herring from a can, two sardines (from a can) and then a big bowl full of oatmeal, and two bananas and a big glass of milk. Almond milk is just milk but isn’t dependent on bovine genocide, but also, its more expensive, so catch me drinking milk

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i eat whatever the fuck my mom buys me


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