Why is Nelson not accepting custom mesh skins

Why? Just need an explanation. My friend has made a Maplestrike skin recently and people saying it will not be accepted because of it being custom mesh skin, not just ordinary drawn textured thing.
Proof? Genestic12’s skins weren’t accepted because of that damn reason. Later he said it was due to dev’s policy.

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No clue man.
And, to be honest I am even surprised that skins are still being added at this point. It should have been stopped long ago, in my mind, at least. Well, guess people just can’t have enough…

Sad for your friend, tho.

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Well I don’t know what makes you think so. He has accepted custom meshes before.

Yeahh I kinda wasn’t sure if it is the case or not.

Did your friend make that Tacticool Maplestrike skin?Steam Workshop::Maplestrike | Tacticool [Custom Mesh]

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Yes you right, this is custom mesh skin he made.

That skin is literally insane, i asked all my friends to vote on it, hope it gets accepted!

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Very cool ngl

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