Why is Roleplay so Popular

Hi, I was wondering why did roleplay get so big in this game? Personally i think its sad that the old vanilla servers is empty and whats up with all theese mods? Everywhere... its crazy!!!



i like…KOS


Why is Rp so popular?


maybe its cause when you kill kids they freak the fuck out
then they bring the mod and equally more funny listening to the ban you’ll receive



offtopic slightly

I remember one time i went on a creative roleplay server on Washington and just sat on the top of the Seattle tower with my buddy sniping people while being sniped at. We had another friend on the ground who sold donuts and we sniped anyone who tried to rob him. Literally everybody on the server was joining in and having fun, then this one random dude roleplaying as a cop just started getting uber ticked at us for not being 100% serious about the roleplay and threatened to get an admin on to perma-ban us if we didn’t start playing by his rules and his rules only immediately. There was already an admin on and they didn’t care at all. We continued sniping him until he left.

That is the only fun thing about roleplay and the only reason i’ll ever join a RP server.

Okay for real, i guess the game’s fundamentals do encourage roleplay somewhat, but the problem is 99% of servers take it was out of proportion and worship roleplay like a religion and sentence you to the mercy of the ban hammer (of which is has none) is you even dare to reference the fact it’s not real life. Even worse, the game is an open world PvP game at it’s core and the vast majority will ban you for firing a shot at anyone, whether it be trying to murder a random to jokingly firing at and purposefully missing your friend, unless you write up a formal declaration of war or some such stuff. Many will restrict you from building, using weapons, buying things, etc unless you pay real money for their server subscription. Even slightly crossing anyone will end in them whining in the chat about how you’re a KOSer or a RDMer or a scammer, and then it’s back to the server list for you.

But after that, people still play it, so i suppose i have no real answer. I guess younger kids may like to feel older by creating a complex government-type thing in a server like this, but a good half of the RP community is grown adults with jobs and families that waste time on them. I really couldn’t tell you any concrete reason why RP got so out of hand. It just did, out of bad luck, and now the server list is flooded with them, and decent vanilla servers died off fast. I can’t find a single one with more than 3 people on anymore.

Here’s to hoping UII will fix it all.


because unturned gets boring

I never enjoyed playing on rp servers, I find them boring and the people annoying. I do like shooting people though that’s always fun, but the majority of my playtime is singleplayer.

i just want servers where people play normally. like, people kill you for lootbut not if your fresh off spawn.

rp is actually kind of fun

On any RP server I go on, the voice of almost any moderator is like nails against a chalk-board.

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what are you talking about?
that’s every unturned server


Children want to act like their parents in video games


Yeah, I’ve barely seen any vanilla servers. Hopefully someone makes an anarchy server in Unturned II.


You bet your socks it will happen :wink:

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Thing is, most people don’t realize roleplay used to be actually fun. Played it a bunch back in the day and forged a lot of storys and tales that I still remember. The novelty was these stories coming to life and being acted out without initial intention, people would come into the server with an idea of who they want to be and what to do and their character would clash with everyone elses forming an almost proper narrative. Big events and drama would play out within the server and it felt so cool being a part of a makeshift sort of history. The thing that brought people to it was how “real” the events and story were, and that is just lost on modern rp servers - they focus too hard on all the outside stuff that really doesnt matter.

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I think you where right Nooby. People focus ALOT on the mod packs and dont enjoy the game. The times i’ve played RP and enjoyed it was with Mostly Vanilla and not 50+ Modpacks. Its like there isnt any story its just people who wanna show dominance.

the voice of condescending Australian five-year olds who purchase staff ranks with their parents’ credit cards is one of the main reasons I stopped playing unturned altogether for a while, out of knowledge that Unturned roleplay servers even exist.

I would personally be inclined to become involved in an Unturned RP server, be that an actual serious one came up.

I feel a modpack specifcly for RP needs to be created in order to fully cultivate a controlled RP environment.

  • IE PVP toggle action for player who want to fight and those who don’t

  • Custom map that is catering to RP communities

  • Moderators that aren’t 12

  • Lore

  • People actually RP’ing and making characters

Likely won’t happen given the playerbase.

People like to simulate real life in unturned
I like to ruin it with kos ; )


Agree But the mods always make sure i dont know the gun so their gun is useally 30x better.

tbh i hate most rp servers, thats why i only play on private rp server with my clan

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