Why is there less than 1000 people active?

There is like 8000 people signed up, There is also more on the official discord server, Just tell me why is there little active ppl? (I’m not trying to be mean I’m just curious)

people sign up to ask for help, then never log on again.


Is there an official discord server?

It’s basically pinned at the top of this subcategory and the Steam forum

There are various reasons why:

  • Bots/spam accounts/abandoned accounts - Just any account with barely any activity made for reasons unknown
  • One-timers - They only signed up to post something, usually a question or for help. Then they either forget or just have their join reason fulfilled.
  • Inactive - They either have become too weary to post much or just don’t have any ideas to post for some time. Rarely, upset users become discouraged to participate further.
  • Lurking - They aren’t inclined in participating with the community as much as the usual users, so they only come out whenever UII news/Dev posts appear or just upvote posts without saying anything.

Have you guys thought about purging dead accounts?


As for now there are 1928 users in this forum.

I recently joined

Cause this place kind of sucks

cause i snapped half of everyone’s notifications
preventing them from talking to us

Very few sites purge dead accounts because it’s not actually that straightforward to do. There’s suddenly a lot of information not there that has to be accounted for. In this case, it tends to disrupt topic flow when deleting an account.

It also just doesn’t make sense to, because even a scarcely active user can still be visiting the site, just outside the terms defining them as “active”.

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Hate the player not the game.


(If you were referring to the Unturned Official Discord, that’s a question that doesn’t really belong here imo.)

I was going based off of this: https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/

Its a link that it sends me too when i click on the trust level

I have 2 other accounts i think, I forgot the logins though

Lmao I’m a lurking :thinking:

Oh yeah i’m the lurker type :sunglasses:

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