Why nelson dosen't have to worry about age rating

Over the years ive played so many mature rated games mostly teen but personally iv’e seen thousands of kids playing the most violent games and their parents casually walking by.
literaly 90% of parents seem to not care about the ESRB rating system unless there the stereotypical heleparents it shouldent really matter for you whether its T or M rated there gonna buy it anyway

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Hatred, which is rated A on ESRB, is for sale if you just lie about your age on steam.

Tbh, I can play any game I want as long as Im the one to buy it.

Though, I avoid certain games.
And yes, I know. This isnt entirely on topic is it. though, Im not some 8 year old kid, am I?

Not just for this game.

The LGBT ESRB rating are just for game critics and hardcore christian parents. Like. Do you even care if the game is rated T or M? Likely not. And that’s what most people thinking. They only cared on contents inside that game. Not some “ratings” some “game experts” determined it to be.

Now, I don’t say that it’s completely bad. I mean, afteralls it’s a quick way to determined if this game is “child friendly” or not. (Altho some ratings were a little bit off.) But it’s still somewhat useless.

I have my own answer:

ESRB ratings are entirely voluntary, and Valve does not require a rating for games to be sold on their store.


ESRB ratings are like the age recommendation on LEGO sets. They have to put it on there as a suggestion.

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