Why traps are practically useless (land mines, barbed wire, etc...)

Before I actually start spewing out meaningless garbage for all of the world to see in text form, I should get some things out of the way
1:I have almost 2k hours in unturned (1938 as of posting this) 2: I have played alone, in a small group, and in a large group (barely used traps if we even took them) 3: I have played against players who use traps in and around there base, sometimes “effectively” 4: I don’t consider sandbags and other objects like that traps, this one was probably pointless but I know someone, somewhere looks at GHJ would get mad if I didn’t put this here

Traps for the most part can help you secure a perimeter of a base, block a certain area or spawncamp new players with them, but outside of these uses they don’t have much purpose, explosive traps fall victim to this than every other type, they are very impractical inside bases, they can be detonated or moved by members of your group, and they can get you or people in your group killed, making them impractical inside the walls of a base. These traps also don’t have too much use outside of a base ether, group members can’t see traps that are placed, do unless told where the trap is they will sooner or later walk into it. Barbed wire and barbed fences also fall victim to this problem as they don’t have many application inside a base, outside they don’t have too much ether, as they usually deter players with low end loot, anyone who has an assault rifle or higher will ether shoot or blow through them, making them pointless other than an early warning system which a well placed sentry could also cover. Speaking of sentries, they are hard to use effectively due to not having a clear outline of where they can reach, making them hard to position effectively, and due to their relatively low cost compared to other buildings, it makes them very easy to mass produce and spam inside a base.

Now onto fixes for these issues, 1: reduce cost of items like spikes and barbed wire, and remove them from loot tables so you have to purposely get them. 2: make claymores and landmines craftabke and also remove them from loot tables, also making them not deal damage to your group. 3: make sentries require computer parts and something I actually see with, like a craft able CCTV camera, so that clans will have a much harder time building them.

Now I don’t expect every one of these ideas, if any to actually make it into the game, these are just my thoughts on the problems with traps and the solutions we could use. Keeping in mind that there are still problems with them. But before I extend this post of gibberish to a 10000 word essay, I will conclude my thoughts here.


(P.S. damage with spike traps is apsolutely horrific)

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This is a great idea. I especially agree with the part about sentries and such. Also, I think that barbed wire should still hurt members of your team, but maybe there’s a green outline or highlight to warn them. I definitely want spike traps to be nerfed as well because they take very few resources and when I first started (close to a year ago) I almost killed myself with them. Other than that I agree with just about everything.

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Ah, nice to see you banna

Your formatting was pretty abysmal, but this is your first post so that’s fine. The ideas are pretty solid though; traps currently are pretty much useless for anything.

I also have my own things to add, such as being able to bait traps to attract animals, but that will come in a later suggestion megathread.

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Traps are gay.


thank you for your valuable contribution to the community

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No, they actually are.
The sole purpose they play is to make people suspicious of everything and peek around at every corner, which…


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Well, not really. In games without traps entirely people will still peek around corners.

It’s called other players.

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In all of my hours of playing, I have never had the thought of a trap being somewhere other than outside a large clan base, for a new player I can understand if you would think that but you would already be paranoid about them if you worry about every place containing one. Even then, zombies tend to clear them out quite effectively, especially explosive traps


Well, out of all of the traps that I see used in SURVIVAL it’s usually just barbed wire being placed randomly in the military base or anywhere that spawns that tier of gear.

My biggest issue with landmines/Claymores is that they can destroy OTHER explosive…mainly the other trap placed right next to it. Well, that and as OP said, teamkilling…

Sentries… I dunno, I really don’t understand them. If you’re raiding you have one of the follow or more, an LMG, High-Cal, or explosives. A sentry can be destroyed by two well-placed grenades, two high cal shots, one shadowstalker rail, or some shots from the LMG. Finding rangefinders is well…annoying at best. The best weapons for sentries seem to be shotguns but the delay from shooting really hinder the effectiveness of the turret.

As for Creative or any other mode with access being a breeze the traps still aren’t strong enough. A minefield isn’t really effective, easy to see I mean the giant RED dot in the GREEN grass. That and if one goes off and the person panics…they’re not going to hit another as ALL other landmines in the blast radius are now gone as well. Sentries, unless you walk into a room full, still super easy, even when there’s 50+.

I might have a bit more but I currently can’t think of any more.

Basically every single “trap” in Unturned is used for a super crutch purpose - one that is not the intended purpose of the trap in the first place. Landmines and claymores are pretty ineffective for what they do, given that they should instantly kill someone who steps on one. Barbed wire and barbed wire fences are often just abused or put onto vehicles for ridiculous purposes like creating a massive grid to hit people from far away with. I haven’t even started on sentries - they’re okay for mid-game defense, but are so easy to destroy. To top it all off the LMG class should be a natural choice for sentries, but due to how raiding works currently, LMGs are saved for raids only.

Also spikes and snares are pretty useless because they’re easy to spot, super weak, and aren’t even baitable to attract animals. At least caltrops pop tires.

Spikes - horde beacons or trapping a bush

Caltrops - haven’t seen one pop a tire

Snares - camps are probably filled with these ready to break your leg

Barbed Wire - making a vehicle that can kill through walls or PLOW zombies

Sentries - 9/10 times I see them at a spawn with a generator…

Claymores/Landmines - usually in a doorway just WAITING to mess you up

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All of the above: Incredibly easy to spot and circumvent/destroy by players, despite a relatively expensive resource cost put into making them.

Also, I don’t know what kind of weird servers you play on where people waste materials, ammunition and a generator to beset a spawn with active sentries.

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You’d be surprised…

I think the few times I’ve actually hit a trap it’s never killed me.

So yeah, a buff overall to traps (probably bigger sized ones, too) would be great for 3.0 or 4.0 (likely 4.0).

I was working on a trap rework concept about a year ago but stopped for some reason.

Guess I should see it through for 4.0…

Sadly it leaves them at 20 hp for a claymore, but I’ve found just putting a bunch of buildables in a road and then putting a landmine or claymore works well. Since it instablowsup the vehicle, it makes the explosive traps more lethal.

Probably going to do ether why LMG’s are completely broken for raiding, or why explosives are almost useless for raiding, most of these “rants” are to try and open people to the reality of unturned broken pvp mechanics and such, like how unfavorable the game is for new players, how easy it is for clans to take over a server, keeping it under its influence and making the server itself unplayable, and other issues that I find. My overall goal for these is still unclear but I just hope to make unturned a better place for new players, and old ones