Why UII should stay free

I have heard on this forum a lot, that the game should be paid so that kids/young people can’t play it, and the game would be a less toxic, more mature community. However, this is not true.

I have many teenage friends (too young for a job) from third-world countries (egypt, sudan, syria) where money is very devalued, so games on Steam stay the equivalent price that they are in Western countries, thus making it much harder for those people to buy games. That’s why unturned 3.0 is so popular with them - it’s a good, non pay-to-win free game with a good community, and it’s easy for them and their IRL friends to play easily without having to save money to buy games with the super-high Steam prices for them, from the devalued currency.

If UII was a paid game, people like that would be stuck with 3.0, or have to save a lot of money, which would ruin the experience for them. So please wish for others as you would for yourself, and hope that everyone can experience the game regardless of where they live, no matter if it would slightly impact your experience of the game. thanks :slight_smile:


I thought we had finished with the idea that Unturned should be free because we have already come to the conclusion that Unturned will be free and will have a Paid Pass for Official Servers.


Yes, i was referring to that, just as a little confirmation.

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So you Confirm The Comfirmation ok then…:rofl:


I think he wanted to deliver a message about poor children in Africa and their gaming

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