Why unturned doesnt get new players and how I think it could be fixed

Unturned rarely surpasses 60k players, its a respectable number but it used to be 100k and its very rare for new players to join this game. Also when new players join the server list is full of russian heavily modded 10000000X servers which doesnt let people feel what is real unturned. Also if you play a PEI server with 15 people it already feels like it has 700 players, maps should be the size of Russia. In PEI you only have the bridge, military base and holman to get good weapons so if a team of 10 camps those places its impossible to get weapons and survive.
Possible solutions:

  1. Bigger maps: the only map thats playable without finding people every second you spawn its Russia.

  2. Official servers: Vanilla is dead and new players should play it because its the real unturned, we need official servers that are always at the top of the server list for new players

  3. More zones to get good gear: right now if you camp the military base with a team its impossible for other players to progress (like said earlier). Think about Rust there you can gather items to get weapons in any place (even the road).

Alternatively make an actually helpful tutorial so new players know how to play the game and don’t just die of bleeding out and ragequit


It gets 60k in the charts, how many of those are genuine players tho?
Feels like single digit percentage tbh.

According to battlemetrics we have a max of around 3 to maybe 5k players daily (8.3% of the SteamCharts estimate). According to the official discord, we have a bit over 30k players in total. SteamCharts just makes it seem weirdly botted.

Eh, these gameplay aspects are nice for player retention, but they won’t really attract players to the game prior to them experiencing all that.

I personally think the game needs its promotional material on Steam updated so that the major updates (like the vehicle update, are directly visible on the game list). Especially with the 10th anniversary coming up, now would be the time to introduce updated trailers, etc., that help show to others how far the game has come.


or maybe start fixing cheats. There is at least one cheat which wasn’t patched for like 2 years already. Official servers would have more cheaters than legit players. On top of that, vanilla content is limited and isn’t really played by anyone for that reason alone

I am sure that right now only like 7000 players in Unturned. If you see like 20k+ in steam charts = bots

you are right, there is a free cheat that’s been active for 2 months without getting fixed also when clumsy was a thing everyone got banned but they took a lot of time to fix it in servers with average pop of 50+ my loot always gets raided throught the wall by cheaters

I am a Chinese player, and there are very few people here who play the original version of the game. Most of them like the original version, but there are very few who like the original version. Most of them go to mod map servers. I think the reason for the small number of players is ultimately due to external factors in the game. Nowadays, in the fierce competition of electronic games, everyone likes to pursue the ultimate experience. There are some players who like to play the original and simple experience of the original version, but not many. The players of the original version can only gain more attention from game players through external promotion by old players,I understand what you’re saying, but this issue is quite significant。

Thats straight up illegal no?
Can’t have you frely borwosing community content now

Been thinking this over. Steam recommends the store page screenshots should be of regular gameplay, but Unturned’s are mostly cinematic-style right now. I wonder if we could have two fun things at once by running a new screenshot contest, and featuring the winners not only in-game but on the Steam page!


I think unturned devloper should add more attractive things.
For PVE : Such as new zombie AI,new type of zombie.
I dont play PVP,so idk how to improve it.