Why Unturned is hardly Enjoyable for me

this is a little rant i decided to type up, Please don’t feel attacked, ily all

Over the time of me just being here playing unturned or being in the community i noticed something

this game has one Special community
And by special i mean i really, really find it irritating and annoying

It’s tough to explain (because im bad at explaining things)
But to put it simply, its not peaceful, its toxic, negative, deppressing people form beef and they can’t let go of it for REALLY long times, alot of people are young and shit and it just doesn’t work out
People spent too much time in the community too (like people with no lives, but thats a strong statement to say soooo im not gonna say it)

Right now i’m 13 years old (turning 14 soon yay) and i remember how toxic i was back when i was like 11-12
like god i was bad and i apologize but so was everyone else

I’m just happy to say i’m returning to this community once 4.0 comes out and everyone starts recording videos again and have fun and stuff y’know

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a bad time bud. The playerbase can do a real number on you when you try to enjoy the game. Just once I would like to see someone in this game that doesn’t need to measure their manhood to everyone else amirite?

Anyways, these things can’t change unfortunately. All you can do is surround yourself with friends and hope for the best.

I can see some potential in the new game not only in gameplay but in the community. Like what will happen if the game is no longer a PvP gun fest, you take away those who prefer instant action.

Though you gotta hope it will be as people expected.

Just go on a freezer creative server drive around in a black van and when you see someone you shout MR. PRESIDENT, GET IN THE CAR!" it works most of the time. (you can create a lot of fun stuff just by doing crazy stuff like that)

If you can’t beat them.

Join them.

And by join them I mean glitched through the floor and throw impact grenades at them. /s

In al seriousness tho. It’s rather sad
That survival is no longer the main reason why people play this game.

Hopefully that will changed in 4.0

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I really hope nelson makes this game survival oriented and hard too