Why was divine and rainbow discontinued?

I was looking over the mythical effects and remembered that divine and rainbow are discontinued. Why were they discontinued I think that they are very cool.


Something to do with them not looking good and being more like hats than actual effects


@kvc.6 is correct!

The reason at the time was that Nelson wasn’t happy with them aesthetically – as they looked/felt more like something that’d be a cosmetic item rather than a mythical.


Do you think they might make a mythical that is simular but feels more like a mythical, like sacrificial, crimson nav, and snowflake, like a gold version of sacrificial

I could have a crack at making something like that

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yeah that would be really cool, idk how the process would work to make something like that but I would love to learn how

If you can use a particle system in Unity you can make a mythical!

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If I did how would it be put into the game, it’s not like there is a curated section for mystical effects

Making a curated map is probably your best best

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@babybillygaming is correct in the sense that most mythics have been added as part of a new curated map.

You could upload them to the Steam Workshop instead, but there’s no real process for accepting these – and all of the recent mystery boxes have been tied to new curated map releases.

Is the community cosmetic box still planned? That could be a good time to implement some curated mythicals


It’s definitely been something skin creators have asked us about. I believe Nelson has said that he was considering this idea for the next time we do more batches of skins.

Personally – if there’s a good opportunity for it, it’s something I’d like for us to be able to do. Although I don’t believe there are any(?) guides for mythic effects currently, which should change if we did start to accept these outside of curated map boxes.

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Yeah that would be super fun, I think that there would be a lot of cool mythic effects that could come out of it.

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