Why WelvenDaGreat, aka "deez nuts guy", deserves a Nobel Peace prize

“Something came in the mail today. Deez nuts.” A quote that lives in infamy.

Welven Harris, born on May 31st, 1988 in Long Beach, California, was the man who pranked his father on March 31st, 2015. The day where the world changed, for the better.

As his father was at work, he began to formulate his plan. Gun deaths were on a steep rise in the US, overseas terrorism was rampant, and Obama (the best president of all time for those who don’t now) was nearing the end of his term. Welven knew he had to make a drastic move and shift tensions away. He knew what to do.

March 31st, 2015. Welven called his father, who was not expecting a single thing.

Here’s the dialogue of this moment. Please note that all discretion is advised and this may make you emotional.

Welven: Wassup dad. Ay dad? Did something came in the mail today?

Dad: What?

Welven: Did something come in the mail today?

Dad: inaudible

Welven: Deez nuts. Ha! Goteem, ha. Goteem, hahahahahaha. Aw! Woah! Woah!

To this day, the iconic video has racked up 30 million views on YouTube, has been introduced into African-American culture and vernacular english, and served as identity and representation for millions in the United States.

Welven racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube. He went on to become a comedian, putting smiles on faces every day of his life.

Welven’s prank on his father also went on to lead to the massive decline of gun deaths in the USA, foreign terroristic threats immediately were submissive to the USA as they knew they were the “deez nuts people”, and Obama ran for a third term. Overall, Welven influenced peace.

Do you think Welven deserves a Nobel Peace Prize?

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Of course he deserves it, I love this man’s talent.

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