Wiki Catch-up [Dec. 18]

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve personally gone out and updated y’all with what’s new on the SDG Wiki. Guess we can do it now. :slight_smile:

Section 1 – Main page

A new main page.

The main page has been revamped again, as the old design was a placeholder, and was from when the site was exclusively meant for only Unturned II’s content. Hopefully, this new design will retain the little bit of good from the previous design, but be less cluttered and more easily encompass other SDG projects that will be hosted on the wiki.

Some more feedback was taken into consideration from previous threads made regarding the main page.

Section 2 – "Upcoming features" article

All the upcoming features are listed!

Every single one publicly mentioned, alongside a couple from some older Steam chat logs I’ve chucked in their too. Everything is sourced, and there is now a Citation needed template for, well, self-explanatory purposes.

Section 3 – Category tree

The category tree: A place for everything, and everything in its place.

The category tree has been moved out of the Manual of Style, as it is now fully-implemented into the actual category system! The highest category is the SDG Wiki category, and from there the top-level categories break into sub-categories that nest out (at some point, or several) into articles/pages/templates (and eventually, files).

As a result, every preexisting category has also been tidied up, and every page has been updated to reflect the new category tree.

The easiest way to interactively navigate through the tree is by starting at the top of the category hierarchy.

Section 4 – Internal improvements

Doubling down on style.

No Weird Title Case Going On Here, just your typical ol’ sentence case (except for proper nouns).

I’ve also been committed to keeping the page length (in bytes) as low as feasible, so I’ve implemented some cool things (to at least me) that help do that (such as interwiki links to Wikipedia in place of the full URL).

Several extensions have been added/updated, the MediaWiki version is 1.31.0, and the wiki’s various Project manuals have been updated more.

Section 5 – NyxVector

Our custom NyxVector skin just got better.

How, you may ask?

  1. The default table style looks nicer, and helps to greatly reduce page length (in bytes). You can easily see the changes on the Content List and Controls pages.

  1. There’s been a reduction of completely #FFFFFF white buttons.


  1. The list of system messages page no longer looks terrible due to white-on-white everything! I also updated the on-hover colors, reusing colors from another new SDG Wiki project.

  1. The notification that appears when adding pages to your watchlist will no longer burn retinas.


  1. Other, more boring, fixes. :wink:
Section 6 – Navboxes

New navboxes!

A lot more navigational boxes (the templates you often see at the bottom of wiki pages) have been created for Unturned (antique, classic, and version 3) and Unturned II.

An SDG Wiki community navbox has also been created, for use at the bottom of Project namespace pages.

All of these navboxes will make it easier for editors and readers alike to navigate the site.

Section 7 – Infoboxes

Gun infoboxes

A lot of effort has gone into the new ranged weapon infoboxes for U3 and U4. For U3 specifically, it encompasses even more than before, but should still be easily comprehendable. A lot of the less relevant information can be found when hovering over most bits of text, and damage calculations are mostly already done for you.

I recommend just checking it out directly.

Section 8 – Amboxes

(Beautiful) ambox revamp!

The previous ones functioned just fine, and had a great deal of effort put into creating an effective meta template for all the amboxes. However, a lot of the more useful features (such as personal comments, and tracking categories) were implemented far later, and weren’t originally anticipated. That led to them being relatively hacked in, and just wasn’t efficient nor neat. Additionally, the color palette just wasn’t as clean as it should’ve been.

So? I’ve redone them (again) to be better! Color brightness/saturation has been toned back on most of the colored tags, and I’ve reconsidered what each “Type” group of amboxes should encompass and strive to achieve. The colors used are also more in-line with traditional color-coding (such as blue for notices).

They’ve also been made immediately more useful, with near features. Notably, a “Priority” parameter input that, when used, changes the colors of the background and border of the ambox too, to match the colored “Type” group tag. This helps draw eyes to more important messages. There’s also new types of amboxes: “Protection” and “Internal,” with the former regarding protected pages and the latter being notices for things like templates.

Colors from the ambox color index was used when implementing some of the new NyxVector CSS too, and all of this is documented in the Ambox’s documentation page (which is transcribed onto the Ambox’s template page).

Section 9 – Miscellaneous


  • New modules, new templates, new internal documentation!

  • Better Project pages! New project pages!

  • All the modding tutorials have had missing images re-uploaded, from when Nelson and I were trying to fix image repo issues.

  • Unturned (and many other articles) have more information!

  • A few more anti-spam measures have been implemented.


The formatting…is just… :heart_eyes:

Nice work, can’t wait to flesh out the content of the wiki!

Since the wiki covers both games now, Is it gonna have all the information from 3 and serve as a replacement for the bunker wiki? Cause that would be beautiful.

Yes, the plan is for it to eventually fully replace the Unturned Bunker Wiki as U3’s official wiki. Although, as stated a few times previously, the site still isn’t ready for a mass-transfer/recreation of the wikia’s content.