Wiki Catch-up [Sep. 9]


Howdy! If you checked out Devlog #014, you may have seen some stuff about the SDG Wiki in there. This post will be a more thorough look into some of what’s been going on recently.

Core Framework

  • The site has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.31.0—the latest long term support release! Various libraries were also updates, and article path has been moved out of root.

  • Shell access has been expanded.

  • SDG Wiki contributions are now sent to the Unturned Bunker Wiki Discord server through a webhook. If you are in the Unturned Bunker Wiki Discord server, you can view these logs by giving yourself the Watcher role.

  • We’ve rebranded from “Unturned II Wiki” (and “Wiki”) to “SDG Wiki,” and started ti plan for the inclusion of all things Smartly Dressed Games. (Obviously, the site is in no way ready at all for all of U1, U2, and U3’s content to be ported over.)

Extensions and Templates

  • The String, Italic title, Arguments, No globals, and Yesno modules have been created (alongside their documentation).

  • The PAGENAMEBASE template has been created, based on the String module.

  • The Italic title template has been updated, using the new modules and the new PAGENAMEBASE template. Text in parenthesis will no longer be italicized, nor will there be smaller redundant non-italicized versions of the page title under the italicized page title. Additionally, links to pages using the Italic title template will also be automatically italicized.

  • Various extensions were updated.

  • The UserMerge, CategoryTree, Scribunto, Theme, and GuidedTour extensions have been installed. RSS feeds can now be created, and Sysops can now nuke pages into oblivion.

  • The MultiUpload and LocalS3Repo extensions were unmaintained, so they have been replaced.

User Features

  • Tired of the wiki’s dark theme? We’ve added very basic support for the Vector skin (light theme)! Tired of the jankiness that can sometimes be the DarkVector skin? We’ve begun working on a custom version. You can opt into it by making an account, going to your Preferences page, switching to the Vector skin, and then switching into the “Nyx” theme. (Currently disabled due to the Theme extension breaking for a bit. Use the DarkVector skin instead!)

  • We’ve started to add custom Gadgets! If you have an account, you can toggle them from your Preferences.
    A link to your sandbox will now appear to the right of the link to your talk page.
    Support for renaming and deleting files has returned.



  • Disambiguation pages have been created to help direct readers towards the desired article.

  • Hatnotes have been added to some pages, which are always italicized and indented. These direct to commonly confused pages, or to disambiguation pages.

  • “Unturned” has been split from the “Smartly Dressed Games” article.

  • The “Analysis” section has been done away with, and the “Blueprints” section has received a nice table we’ve experimented with a bit.

I cannot stress enough how not-ready the SDG Wiki is for U1–U3 content. The pages that have been made in relevancy to them were only made so that we could start laying out the groundwork early.

Also, there’s a lot of random bugs and stuff. If you’re using the Nyx theme for the Vector skin, please report any weird things going on, any wonky CSS, etc. There’s also still a few issues with the file paths and the media file repository, but hopefully those will be sorted out “soon.”


Overall good improvements to the Wiki, nice :ok_hand:

The light theme reminds me of this


Memes aside, keep up the good work Molt!


Fucking wiki hippies
Nothing will stop Duty on its triumphant march towards victory!


Yeah, a lot of the templates weren’t built to handle a color scheme that was the exact opposite of utter darkness. :man_shrugging: Got a few of them tidied up though.


Small update on this portion I crossed out – “Theme” is still disabled, but I’ve just gone and published it as its own skin instead. You can access it by opting into the NyxVector skin from your preferences. There’s a few obvious bugs that resulted from this change, such as blue bullet points, but they’ll be worked out eventually. :]

If you find any bugs with the NyxVector skin, please report them!