Wiki general thread

Just talk about anything about the new wiki site!

  • Thoughts on the design?
  • Opinions on how info should be presented?
  • What do you think of the slaves staff? (At the moment they’re the original wikia staff minus Nelson)
  • Questions about the site
  • Other things you wanna talk about

If it’s an in-depth post better post it separately as a thread in this subcategory


New wiki? Link please :grinning:

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I see its set in a dark theme, how about a light theme heh?

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Alternative skins are on a to-do list, but not high priority at the moment. Properly integrating skins to affect things like templates and CSS classes would be good though, so nothing looks awful!

Needs more wed

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Gonna post the above link instead so even after a main-page rename it’ll always still go to the correct page. :] Some people too lazy to bother with old link. >:C