Wiki posts and their expirations

I recently noticed that this thread had been closed due to inactivity. The wiki post serves little purpose when it cannot be edited, and it is more difficult to know when it will need to be reopened since no one can reply with new information, but again it is difficult to know when it would need to be reopened, without already having that information on hand. A thread could be kept open by replies, but this would be spam. I do not know if edits to existing posts or replies are counted as activity that keeps a post open, however useful edits cannot constantly be made. There doesn’t appear to be an easy way to keep certain threads from closing without having the bots never close any thread in that category, however it does appear that posts in #regulars-lounge and #meta do not currently get closed by bots, so perhaps it would be better to post such threads in those categories, or perhaps instead of making wiki posts it would be better to use a dedicated wiki like

For now, I think threads can be reopened by Leaders.

Just recategorise after.