Will having a spawntable for 600 assets slow down anything?

Will having a spawntable for 600 assets slow down anything?
Just seems like a lot of calculations.

probably not that noticeable. I’m unsure what the internals look like but I assume that spawntable calculations are only run when items are spawned. There’s already a slight lag spike when items get spawned as is, I don’t think 600 assets will noticeably slow it down. 5000 might, but 600 is easily within the modern processor’s range. If you’re really concerned then sub-tables may make it faster(?)

I don’t think it’d have any impact beyond initial loading, maybe more memory usage but otherwise near identical performance.

I would be interested in seeing how sub-tables affect it though.

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why do you need 600 assets in 1 spawn table though?
I imagine its fine tho

Memory usage higher yes, and some relatively low cost resolving the table. If it turns out to be a performance issue then I could revisit how the spawn tables are sorted. Currently they are internally sorted from most to least likely.


Vehicle Expansion has over 600 vehicles. Most of them are civilian vehicles that will need to be added to vanilla spawntables, so at least 500 or so of them are going into one individual spawntable.

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The color variants being accounted as different vehicles is goofy. This should have stopped being a thing a while ago. I wonder what stops that from happening.

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Game just isn’t made to work that way.

We already have material palettes used on every building, best option would be to use those for color variants on everything else too. Crafting recipes involving items with multiple materials could be an issue unless something new is added for that situation.

Considering color variants as separate vehicles is outdated. I’m curious about the barriers preventing this change.


My Proposal:

Check for the Material_Palette key in VehicleAsset aswell. Alongside that, have Material_Palette_Index key to select which material.

This can be paired with bundle overrides so we don’t need duplicated prefabs. This isn’t the most elegant solution, and would still require separate assets, but it is probably the easiest.

It still seems wise to keep the separate assets anyways so that certain colored/themed vehicles can be assigned to specific spawntables.

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