Will I be able to play open beta?

I just watched a video of an interview from about a year ago where Nelson said anyone with over 1000 hours may be able to play, but I only have 908. (And I do have gold)

I know this may seem stupid to ask, and probably totally irrelevant now, but I’m just worried.

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To clarify, Nelson stated that he would prefer that old veterans/active members of Unturned to have early closed beta access; open beta simply means what it says, it is open to everyone to try.

Nelson has also stated that a system for Steam to give out keys based on hours doesn’t exist, and later on he would more likely give out closed beta keys for users who have already purchased gold.


He has been really inconsistent but he does appear to be trying to make it less exclusive over time.

lmao just leave the game running for like four days


Thanks for the clarity.

I have 2000 hours, but haven’t played in a short while, and I have gold. I hope to get a beta, I even have the shooting range. So I’m not worried.

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Crap 14 days later, I caught myself.

The veterans shall rise

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