Will i lose my skins in 4.0?

Update: G2M told me that Nelson said that no one will lose their skins so

Different game entirely. So yes.

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You will still have them in your inventory. A transfer may not be possible, but time will tell

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So i can sell them now?

You can sell them anytime as long as you don’t have a Limited User Account and are not trade banned.


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I don’t really understand the people that talk about that ‘‘gotta sell my cosmetics/skins quickly’’ like we’re not talking about some real economy thing, your items will stay in the current inventory we have. Imo that kind of messages make me think that you people only care about the finantial value of them ‘‘don’t wanna lose my money because of 4.0’’

yes i know it will be a diferent game on steam

you just answered your own question
this post is LITERALLY pointless
delet this


Guys this is serious problem I have inventory in cost of 15€. But there are some pepole that have 100 dollrs in unturned inventory so those pepole will probaby start to hate that game. But shall we all sell them? or what because no one will buy them when there will be too late.

Oh man you guys seem to care more for your inventory than the game, like seriously that’s pretty selfish.

By the way just because a new game will be released it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world in 3.X. It’s a different bloody game, what’s in 3.X is meaningless to the new game. It’s like crying for paying for a DLC in an older game when a new game in the series is released after a few years.

You chose to pay for optional content.


Idk mate I think 3.x will end up like 2.x. Now it’s pretty much dead game and when I tried to run it it said me that I don’t have files for it. And of course I care more about game. I have pretty much time in it so only stopping playing game will be bigger tragedy. But idc about those shits about skins but those dudes that have literally every mythical in game will. Anyway when valve will somehow bankrott we will loose all our paid content so this is all playing with fire. Btw you are not paying for having those skins like bitcoins you just pay for that you borrowed them. In my first comment I was saying that those mythical ppl will give bad rating to the game because it didn’t did what they ecspected. and remember, every bad rating counts. Same will happen when new Counter-Strike will come out. All their skins will be in dump.

No stress guys. If we will loose skins it will not be that big tragedy as crashing game.

but those dudes that have literally every mythical in game will.

Then that is their problem, not ours. If they want to be selfish, that’s their own life choice. Nelson doesn’t have to cater to it.


And 3.0 won’t “end-up” like 2.0 since both 3.0 and 4.0 will be separate games that you can have separately in your library.

Also with the success of CS:GO Valve will never risk to ruin the economy since they get thousands of dollars everyday with that single game.


3.x is different from 4.x. Your 3.x items wont vanish or get locked.
When 4.x is launched, 3.x will still get updates, unlike 2.x.

Unlikely, Steam is a goldmine. The weekly and seasonal sales rake in huge amount of money for Valve, and they have leased some offices for expansion a year ago.

Read these articles aswell.
(PCGamer) Steam games market worth $3.5 billion in 2015
(Steam Spy) Steam sales in 2016
(PCGamer) Thanks to PUBG, China may now have more Steam users than any other country
And PUBG has sold 20 million copies.

Citation needed*

No you didn’t. Again, 3.x is a different game from 4.x.

I highly doubt a new Counter-Strike released by Valve.
[[**I've forgotten the article but**]] (Nevermind, Wikipedia is neato. Read this about L4D1 and L4D2 community split and merge.)

They’ve also split CS1.6 and CSSource communities because of how different the game feel is. CSGO is kind of meant to be the in-between and perfect.

It’s gonna be alright, and even better if no one nukes each other in the future.

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