Will performance improve in the next private/public demo/beta?

The title says it all.

Now,you may ask:How am I supposed to know?
I’m not asking for confirmed facts,just assumptions,If someone has any.

Specs (In case anyone asks):
Win 7 professional 64bit
AMD phenom II x4 940 3Ghz
GTX 550 ti 1gb
4gb ram

(Note:I run the vechicle demo at medium-high settings with about 30 fps (40 when inside the car) almost all the time)

Yes. 10 characters

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Obviously. It’s a pre-alpha. It will be cleaned up as time passes.


Phew,that’s a relief…

I was thinking that it may decrease due to more features and objects being added.

That ussally happens when the code is unoptimized

Aha,now I understand what Nelson meant when he said he was gonna optimize 4.0 better,more features,same/better performance.

And it still isn’t on Mac…

jk i’ll stop complaining

Unoptimized code also leeds to bugs because the code is hard to read

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