Will the quests be unobtainable after Christmas?

will the Christmas quests be unobtainable after December, if so maybe make it so there are Christmas versions of the map where people can get the achievements from after December ends.

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Good question

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I do not know, but the dying light crossover machete skin was unobtainable after the dying light crossover ended. I think the quests will still be completable and i like that the achievements give items.

Just like with the last couple years, we do not have holiday versions of any maps. They’re automatically holiday-ified during certain dates each year. It’s still the same map – but the holiday-themed objects have a parameter where they’re only visible during set dates.

If someone is determined to earn holiday achievements out-of-season, there’s plenty of unofficial ways one could do so. E.g.: you could manually change the holiday event date range, or you could use NPC reward logic.


That’s really good, because it wouldn’t be fair if a new player has no chance at all at getting the new cosmaitcs.

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