Will there ever be official Merch?

We all know that we want some merch to buy, don’t lie, so do you think that Nelson will ever release some SDG Hoodies and shirts etc, or some unturned things ?


no idea but that would be pretty spicy

If Unturned II is successful then we might see some merch for it, unlikely to see SDG merch however.

Can I ask why that?

It’s unlikely simply because official merch has never existed before for any SDG project, nor has Nelson explicitly shown any interest towards it to my knowledge.

Nobody really knows for sure if we’ll see it in the future though :man_shrugging:

I want an Unturned hoodie.

there’s the Athens Arena T-shirt, Spebby should have a link for that


Isn’t that an unofficial shirt though?

No it’s very official, I’m just the only one who can print it, or buy it.


I’m just going to shamelessly plug my shirt concept here

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That looks great! Would you be able to make a few more designs?


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