Will unturned 3 servers be phased out?

I have an unturned 3 server, and a small community.
But will unturned 3 servers be wiped out?

Good question ! @SDGNelson

I am excited and all but having a server and it being wiped out is worrying

As Nelson mentioned
Unturned 3.0 and Unturned 4.0 will be 2 independant games. So everything you have on Unturned 3.0 will stay there. And everything you get in Unturned 4.0 will only be for Unturned 4.0

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In how long time will unturned 4 come out

It was mentioned but never confirmed, not denying that it is the most probable choice to occur however

Nope. Unturned 3.0’s servers should be just fine

Not anytime soon, that’s for sure
Cuz it’s an entire game. Not to mention if Nelson will work with the Unreal Engine 4 which would take even more time because then he’d have to start from scratch

That’s what I hope to happen
2 separate games with each having its own skins, maps, cosmetics, and servers

That’s pretty much like saying Unturned 2.0 servers aren’t wiped out, they aren’t but no body plays it the fact will be the same for Unturned 3.0 it will die if not instantly after a while

and i think you’ll find Nelson means adding 3.0 to the betas tab as in desperate games.

I see

I would estimate at least a year to have a solid game to play around with

If he’s working on Unity, it would take a rough year. But if Nelson will work on Unreal Engine 4, then it’s gonna take 2~3years

3.0 took two years to get to this point, I doubt 4.0 will take that long just to get as far as Alpha Valley (the original one)

The change between 3.0 and 4.0 is supposed to be bigger than when Unturned switched to 3.0 after 2.0

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Considering Nelson said there would most likely be (or at least he wants there to be) two separate Steam inventories for 3.x and 4.x cosmetics, I’m pretty sure he’s not going to have 3.0 fall to the same fate of the Betas tab, as you can’t have two different inventories for the same game.

But you have to keep in mind that Nelson has learned a lot of codes throughout the time. So it’s gonna take less time to code Unturned on Unity. But if it’s Unreal Engine, then I wouldn’t be surprised if it took 3 years

These servers aren’t dedicated to Unturned, they’re all community-based, so as long as 3.0 is fuctional, every single server will still exist. Including yours.

But will unturned 3 servers be wiped out?

The answer is yes.

1 - 2 years