Will Unturned 4.0 have Voxel Terrain?

It would be really cool to have Mud/Clay buildings but also the fact that you dig the ground for Mud/Clay makes holes in the ground

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I don’t know whether I like this or not.

From the information we have, I don’t think there will be, but there’s really not enough info to make a solid guess.

I think there is already the ability for it in 3.0. Since the addition of destructible objects, but I haven’t seen anyone do anything remotely close to what you are saying.

It is not possible in the same sense that OP wants. Unturned terrain is controlled by heightmaps, not voxels, so “digging” wouldn’t be possible unless it’s only straight down

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Voxel terrain would look a bit off in Unturned, don’t you think? Also, it would strengthen the people who say the game is basically a DayZ + Minecraft mashup.

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Agreed, but who cares if it is?:wink:

youd be surprised lol


I think voxel terain would have a major problem, if you can dig anywhre people will just dig giant moats around the spawnpoints

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Giant moats filled with bears and lava? :thinking:

Water physics would have to be a thing. Ach. Or we have the static water cubes…?

I feel inclined to agree that voxel terrain would be more problematic than fun.

I mean…to be honest I don’t really think having voxel terrain is really fitting for this game, it would just bring up a whole flurry of new problems to deal with.

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