Will unturned 4 get updates like 3.0 did?

will 4.0 get updates weekly updates when it is in early access like 3.0 got or will it get updated monthly or something else?


The game is still quite far from being released in a larger scale. I wouldn’t start to speculate about how fast the development will go once it’s released.

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Fairly quickly is my guess.
Nelson seems to be focusing a lot on making the perfect start, which i don’t agree with. The game will be early access and free from the start, no point making the absolute perfect foundation, when you can always fix stuff while the game’s active and have a good flow of feedback through. Just like it did in 3.0 when it first came out as OPERATIONMAPLELEAF.
And he’s also patching up 3.0 jointly, which i can’t really speak about since i quit playing Unturned 2 years ago. For me, it’s not necessary, but the game does have a hefty playerbase, so you gotta keep it alive.

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With how the dev likes to take his time, it wouldn’t be bad to keep it bi-weekly or monthly, or just an average of 1-3 a month.

Though I believe this question is best asked during a more developed build of the game where he is finished with the necessities and starts focusing on the content. The character design already bothered the development, there’s plenty more elements that would inaccurately determine the work pace.


Yeah, that is a good point.

This is really interesting, ive never though on it in that way…

So… By this u think that Nelson should release an alpha to get more feedback? Or maybe when the game is more advanced?

Sounds good.

I don’t believe they’re commenting on the availability of the game. I believe @darkySP is saying that in their opinion, there is a lot of possible leeway because Unturned II will most likely release on Steam under the “Early Access” tag, and if so there is theoretically a chunk of content that can be more rough around the edges because of that.

OHHHHH ok ok, I didn’t understand it well haha, ok well yes, if it will be released with the early access tag anyway, well, I think it makes sense what it says.

What do you think about that @MoltonMontro ?

Molton got it right. I don’t believe Unturned II is fitting to be developed for a full release. Not enough resources and “manpower” to release it complete. Ship it out as early access and develop as you go. Exactly like 3.0 did. As for alpha builds, that’s already going, but it’s closed.

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